Deceit (Nehemiah Escapes) – Pt. 7

Shared February 26th, 2015
‘Come, let us meet together on one of the villages on the plain of Ono.’ But they were scheming to harm me” (Nehemiah 6:2).
Today as part of our topic on deceit we will look at Nehemiah, a servant of God who did not fall prey to deception. When Nehemiah and the Israelites had almost completed rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem several centuries BC, the Bible says that many enemies were strongly opposed to their progress and sought through trickery to deceive Nehemiah and get rid of him. They tried to lure him away from his work and invited him to meet with them in the Plain of Ono. 
Ono? “O no!” was Nehemiah’s firm reply. He knew these guys’ stories were just absolute lies. And good for him because had he listened to them he would have been destroyed and God’s work totally imperiled. Nehemiah stuck like glue to the job God commissioned him to do until the work was finished and the walls rebuilt. He didn’t allow himself to be sidetracked. And here’s the application: the moment you get involved in God’s work, be sure to expect some kind of opposition, not only from outside but so many times, from within the church itself. The opposition will come in many forms, including deceit.
We have been talking about trickery and deceit and how satan has been using deception to harness many a soul. We looked at some biblical situations where deception led to the downfall of men and women of God whilst in other cases, the men of God, being aware of satan’s wiles did not end up as fodder for the devil’s shenanigans. How have you been keeping up? Have you been deceiving others?
This is Part 7 and we want to recall what the Bible says, that satan is lurking and prowling around seeking whom he may devour. Starting with deceit and trickery, he keeps using the same old abracadabra skills to fool mankind. That is what he did to the free-willed Adam and Eve, the progenitors of the human race. All he said to Eve was, “Has God said?” All he needed to do was just sow some doubt.
Mesmerized and full of the belief that she was going to be like God, partner Eve swallowed the pill of deceit and found herself entangled in a sticky and nasty web of deception. Like Ananias and Sapphira who came one after the other and just lied to the Holy Spirit, Adam came around later, fed on the deception dished out by satan to Eve and because he followed suit, all mankind was trapped. So now, all the human race is in sin: conceived in sin, born in sin, born into sin, live a life of sin and unless one gives their life to Christ, die in sin! Trickery. Deception.
But God has already removed the wool from over our eyes. He did this when Jesus came and died for the sins of all of mankind (that period we today call Easter). You see, Jesus died for mankind. He died for us, not after we became Christians but while we were still living in sin. When we didn’t know God and lived in sin, that was when Jesus died for us. What a merciful and compassionate God! All one has to do is accept Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. That is all!
Sadly though, untold millions still refuse to have the wool removed from over their eyes and daily, millions end up in hell where it is too late for them to repent. 
Proposed prayer: Dear Father, thank You again for the warning in Your Word. While Ananias and Sapphira, Adam and Eve fell to sin, I see in Nehemiah how I can overcome and not be the agent of deceit by trusting fully in You. Please help me to be faithful to You, in Jesus, name. Amen.

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