Summer Is Ending‏ Pt. 1

Shared August 29th, 2014


This is Jeremiah 8:20 “The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved.” Nice verse, with a history and a good lesson behind it too for all of us. Depending on where you live, particularly for those who live in those areas where there are various and “contradicting” seasons, here you are, near the end of Summer. It’s late August, as a matter of fact it is the early part of a late August 29, judging by my time and plainly, there isn’t much Summer left.

Let me ask this question: Did you begin the Summer season with high hopes about what you intended to do, or would like to accomplish? Once spring transitioned to Summer and school was out, what were you planning to do? What did you think you might do with the “extra” time that Summer gives those who live in the temperate climes? Maybe for you, it is learn some new skill like swimming? Or, maybe for you, brush up on a particular sports technique that’s been driving you crazy? Perhaps you wanted to teach your child how to drive?

But now it’s August, it’s the end of Summer, and you are wondering, “Where did the time go?” What happened to that dream deferred? Know something? So many times (and for some more so than for others) we reach certain points in our lives when it all appears, suddenly, to be too late to do what we had planned to do, or what we felt called to do as a life mission. But do you know what I’ve found out? I’ve learnt that our problem really and truly is that due to whatever it is, we have expected God our Father to do for us the very things that we would not do ourselves. But there is some good news and it is that God is an empowering God who is full of mercy and grace.

You know, let me rib you a little bit more. The moment the days really started growing longer, the moment the seasons changed and there was much more sunlight, what did you plan, intend, or imagine you might do? If you own your own house, did you think of: changing the roof? Paving that driveway while whipping that landscaping into shape? Get those nasty and annoying weeds pulled out? While I’m at it, on yard work, pull those weeds and then plant those vegetables? Or was it to paint that room?

But then slowly, the short but hot days of late Spring sprung into longer and hotter Summer days so that the burning of the afternoon Summer sun did a number on you, withering not only your garden but also your plans, your good intentions, your energies, and now here we are at the end of the Summer season. So then, I ask, what will you do about that landscape? That painting job? That garden? That plan to teach your child a new life skill? Like raisin, did you, and your Summer ideas, intentions and plans dry up like a California raisin in the sun? It’s August 29, 2014 and you know it’s late, real late!

Allow me to bring my life’s application in here and I will be direct and pointed. Of all the questions that I harbour, let me pick these ones: Where exactly are you in your life? You know, a very popular proverb that I hear a lot is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Hmm! Another, or an alternative way we can put this aphorism is “hell is full of good meanings, but heaven is full of good works.” Of course, let me quickly point out that these two sayings are indeed very wise sayings but they are not biblical.

You know, and you will agree with me that plans are only good intentions unless they immediately evolve into and/or generate hard work. While good intentions are good, they are nothing but one of the single largest pool of untapped natural resources in this world if they are never translated into positive, helpful actions.

What is to be done about good intentions never fulfilled? Those Summer (as well as life’s) ambitions, never completed? What about all those dreams (if you ever did dream) of what you could do this Summer (or become in life) and what you might make of your life? And now here you are, it is late Summer, and so many things planned were never done. Let me take it up one step higher: here you are a parent, a senior adult, a senior sibling, nearly at the end of Summer’s lazy hazy days, and your good intentions and dreams, all deferred are now sagging like a heavy load, or maybe exploding into nothing therefore resulting in rage. “Rage” because you didn’t do what you intended when Summer begun. Shall we please pick this up in our next exhortation.

Proposed prayer: “Dear Lord, You say in Jeremiah 8:18 ‘You who are my Comforter in sorrow my heart is faint within me.’ Lord I know that right always wins out over wrong. If I have good intentions in my heart and want to do the right thing, then with the power of the Holy Spirit I know that there are certain ways that I can overcome any obstacle. Yes, the Summer is going out and the sun is going down but You, O Son of Righteousness will not go down on me. I thank You that You are awakening that desire and transforming the good intentions into good work, all for Your glory. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Have a wonderful and ponderous weekend.

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